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 Заголовок сообщения: PoE Traps - Is This Gimmicky/Requires Too Many Uniques?
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How do you play traps efficiently? Isn't there a way to reduce their duration so they detonate faster. Or is this gimmicky/requires too many uniques? Things to keep in mind with Cheap Construction and/or Sunblast: If they trigger because their duration runs out, they WILL NOT give you a Power/Frenzy charge from sources that require the enemy to trigger the trap. Also if you want to make sure you have all the best gear take advantage of our great deals as we are the best place to choose PoE Currency trade online.

The new Charged Trap support gem, the unique body armor Tinkerskin, or the Blast Cascade / Master Sapper notable skills... none of them will grant a Power/Frenzy charge if the trap triggers from the duration running out. Throwing traps at the feet of enemies will cause them to trigger as soon as they arm (which takes a split second) and is usually the better way to go about it, especially with being able to generate Power/Frenzy charges with it.

Otherwise, it depends what you want to go for. There are a few good Trap passive nodes that you should either path to or grab if you are going nearby, but otherwise just scale the damage you plan on using. Physical, Spell, Elemental and Area (if applicable).

The big cluster by Shadow start (Clever Construction and High Explosives) should be taken for sure, for the damage, traps not getting destroyed if they don't trigger right away, elemental pen and trap trigger area. Same as the Saboteur notable nearby (can have +1 Trap out). The cluster with Master Sapper is supposed to be moved up closer to the Shadow start, so that'll be one to go for as well (chance to get Frenzy charges and extra traps out).

Blast Cascade near Witch start should be pathed to as well, for Crit multi and chance to get a Power Charge. Another good little clusters if you are pathing nearby is the Hasty Reconstruction cluster for cool-down recovery. There's not a huge amount of Trap nodes and it's usually node a good idea to go for all of them, so you get the big ones (big cluster near Shadow, Power Charge and Frenzy Charge) and then focus on scaling the damage from other tags like I mentioned above. More details, you can also focus on

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 Заголовок сообщения: Re: PoE Traps - Is This Gimmicky/Requires Too Many Uniques?
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